General FAQs

What is The Amazing Pizza Machine? What do you have there to do?
Where are you located?
How much does it cost? Is there an admission fee or can you just walk in?
Do you have to buy the buffet admission? We already ate and just want to play.
If I pay my admission can I leave for a few hours and come back the same day?
If I buy our admissions online, do I need to have a printout of my order with me or can I just show you the order on my phone?
How long should we plan to stay?
What is the minimum age that a child can enter the facility without an adult?
Do you have lockers for rent?
Do you have a dress code or code of conduct policy?

The Amazing Buffet

What is on your buffet? Just pizza?
Do you have alcohol?
Do you have gluten free pizza? What else do you offer that is gluten free?
Do you have peanuts on your buffet? What about tree nuts or shellfish?
Can I bring in a birthday cake? Your policy says “no outside food or drink”

Luigi’s Libations Alcohol Services Policies

We I.D. Everyone
Wristbands Required
Only For You
No Alcohol in the Arcade
No Alcohol in the Cartoonery
Last Call

The Amazing Arcade

How much does it cost to play a game? What is a play point?
How do you use the arcade card to play games?
It looks like you have over 170 games to play but they sometimes have different names or categories. What is the difference between an arcade game, video game, ticket game, token game, and a prize game?
What are e-Tickets? Why isn’t the ticket game dispensing paper tickets?
How does timed play work on a card? Does it start immediately once we pay?
Why does my card say PLEASE WAIT when I swipe it in a card reader?
Can timed play cards be shared?
How tall or old do you have to be to go on rides or drive go karts?
If you buy a timed play package deal, when does the timer start?
What happens if we don’t use our arcade card or use up all of its features the day we visit? Do arcade cards expire?
What if I want to add to my arcade card after our admission?
Do you have anything for… 2 year olds?
How do you sign up to play laser tag?

Groups & Specials

Do you have discounts for groups? How many do we need to have to get group rate pricing?
Do you have any specials, deals, or coupons?