Nutrition & Allergen

As restaurateurs, we are aware many of our guests have specific food allergies or dietary restrictions. So we take our responsibility seriously to listen to your concerns and provide appropriate, reasonable guidance for you and your family about our menu items.

To help you plan your visit and understand in advance what we offer and how we can assist in addressing questions you may have, we’ve prepared this summary of frequently asked questions for you. As you will see mentioned below, our most detailed advice can be provided to you one-on-one by our management team on-site.  Please always feel free to ask for a manager for assistance with your questions or concerns.

Do I need to purchase a buffet admission if I have dietary restrictions?
Do you have nutritional information about your menu items?
Can you guarantee there will be no cross-contact with specific allergens or ingredient(s) of concern either during preparation or serving?
Do you offer gluten-free pizza or other gluten free items?
What about dairy or lactose allergies? Can you make a pizza without cheese? Is your ice cream dairy free?
Do you use peanuts in your products?
Do you use shellfish in your products?
Because of a medical condition, am I allowed to bring in my own food?

If you have additional questions, please reach out to us at:

Amazing Pizza Machine
13955 S Plaza
Omaha, NE 68137